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Premises Liability

Airplane Crash and Airport injuries

Commercial aviation traditionally refers to scheduled flights operated by large airlines, and is generally considered amongst the "safest" modes of travel. Fortunately, airline disasters are rare, however, every year, thousands of passengers are injured in a variety of different “in flight” accidents, many of them seriously. The Arnold Law Group is experienced in all phases of commercial aviation litigation and the representation of passengers injured in individual accidents, whether on board the aircraft or in the airport. Our attorneys familiar with the laws governing both international and domestic flights, and are equally comfortable in state and federal courts.

A common mistake made by many passengers and even attorneys is to assume that major airlines will settle cases early to avoid costly and extended litigation. They assume the best and openly communicate with airline claims personnel without the knowledge of both the governing factors such as the Montreal Convention, which dictates international air travel or domestic aviation laws. In return, airlines and airport terminals frequently disclose nothing, including their terminal injury reports, in-flight accident reports and witness statements. The results of these disclosures are often detrimental to the passengers and permanently affect their ability to recover.

For some passengers, particularly the aged and handicapped, the most dangerous part of air travel can be in the airport terminal before or after the flight. Terminal trolley and wheelchair transporter and skycaps, escalators, moving luggage carts and courtesy wagons, slippery floors, other passengers with luggage create obstacles that can cause serious harm or even death.

At The Arnold Law Group, we represent passengers suffering from injuries which occurred in the airport terminal itself and helped make recoveries for their physical injuries.

In some instances, injuries that occur outside of the United States can be brought in US Courts if the injury occurred as the result of an accident. Many clients wrongly believe that they cannot sue in the United States because the accident occurred in a foreign airport. Some jurisdictional restrictions do apply; however, you don’t have to suffer and be saddled with medical cost just because you are outside of the United States.

At The Arnold Law Group, we assume a focused and aggressive posture from the outset. We are a firm that knows the law, gathers the facts and is always prepared to litigate, and go to trial, when it is in our client’s best interest. Call or contact us today if you or a loved one have been injured during the course of a commercial aviation flight.

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