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Vehicle and Motorized Transport Accidents

ATV Accidents

ATVs (or All Terrain Vehicles) have become popular for work and recreation in many neighborhood and rural communities. Unfortunately, reported cases of serious injury and death from ATV accidents and rollovers have increased along with their increased use. Most of these ATV rollover injuries and deaths can be attributed to unstable design, too high center of gravity and/or operator error.

Most people think of ATVs as being harmless machines meant for fun. However, the reality is that some ATVs are capable of speeds close to passenger cars. Unlike passenger cars, ATVs do not offer the kind of protection that passenger cars do, in the event of a crash.

As a result, accidents involving ATVs can result in severe injuries and even death. Some ATVs are even built with features that actually make an accident extremely likely. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, there are about 700 deaths and 135,000 accidents each year involving ATVs.

Many ATVs do not possess the safety features that you would expect in a passenger car. For example, they may lack seat belts to avoid being ejected from the vehicle. As if that wasn't bad enough, when an ATV is involved in an accident, it often lands on top of the victim, causing catastrophic, life-threatening injury. If you've been injured in such an accident, it is important that you contact an experienced Florida ATV accident attorney with The Arnold Law Group as soon as possible to help you navigate the complexities of such a case.

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